If you have already developed a collection of RSS feeds to track topics that interest you, the Google Alerts RSS system can be a valuable addition. Rather than a feed of edited articles, Google Alerts RSS aggregates new content that the Google crawler sees, without much filtering.

Set “Deliver to” option to “RSS feed” (default is your email)


Standard Google searches on google.com are very biased (they call it personalization). However, the Google Alerts system appears to exist largely without their filters, and pulls in a much wider array of content, including small newspapers and independent media. Partly, this is related to the fact that RSS is not tied to your identity, therefore Google Alerts doesn’t tie to your identity, and therefore does not use identity information to filter results. The feed ends up being a fairly raw stream of content containing many perspectives on one topic, including very niche or low-traffic websites.


Alert created with an RSS link


Added to RSS reader


This is one way that you can combat the filter bubble and external control and begin to take ownership of your own media diet.