LambdaConf 2019

I had a wonderful time at LambdaConf 2019 in Boulder. Some of the concepts were familiar, and gave me an opportunity to go over them again and pick up on details I missed the first ime. And some of the concepts were very much over my head, yet they made me realize that they exist at all, which is still very valuable. Here are some of the highlights that I personally experienced:


Category Theory as a Tool for Thought (Github) by Daniel Beskin
The CDelta Cryptocurrency Platform by Michael Stay of Pyrofex



  • Helicopter Tour of Purely Functional Data Structures by Tyler Prete
  • Program Obesity: A Code Health Epidemic by Aaron Hsu
  • Maintaining Integrity When Blockchains Fork by Basil Ahmad
  • Sane System Management with Nixos by Tim Steinbach
  • Enter the Loop by Valentin Kasas


  • Real World ZIO by Wiem Zine Elabidine
  • Pretty Parsing (Github) by Sergei Shabanau and Ryan Delucchi
  • Haskell in Production: Adventures in Blockchain Building (Github) by Colin Woodbury
  • Compositional, Expressive, Performant Database Queries: Choose 3 by Dave Nicponski
  • Free vs Tagless Final: What, Why, When? by Markus Hauck


Detailed descriptions of all talks on the LambdaConf website


Purely Function Data Structures (2003) by Chris Okasaki
Functional Programming for Mortals by Sam Halliday
Category Theory for Programmers (2018) by Bartosz Milewski


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